I am putting yoga on HOLD and will contact you when I will start back. 

I am tired of saying when I plan to start back,  and then must keep on changing it. 

I stopped yoga on March 11, 2020 and thought it would be only a month.  Was I wrong.

If you need  a mat, blankets, eye pillows, blocks,  straps, have them to give you for FREE.  

We can schedule a meetup at Body Toners and give you the equipment you need.  

 I am going thru the sign- in box and will refund your classes that are remaining.

If you have your sign-in card, and need a refund, please email or text (512 497 2788) with amount and address. 


This will all pass, have patience.  Be nice, everyone is so stressed it doesn't take much to get them mad. 

But please wear a mask, and social distance.     

 Yoga is a gentle way to stretch and awaken your body

classes in Bastrop , Texas

You are never too old (or too young) to do yoga.

Every person's body is different. Flexibility varies from person to person. You have to listen to your body and learn what your body is saying.

Classes & Schedules

Yoga On The Go classes are held in Bastrop, Texas. Instructor, Ruth Jansa, teaches Hatha Yoga, one of the most commonly practiced types of yoga in the Western Hemisphere. Hatha Yoga's main theme is maintaining the health and integrity of the spine.

Hatha Yoga is for the gentle stretching of the body. It awakens the body by moving it through it full range of motion - stretching, strengthening, and balancing each part. This consists of forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions, standing, and balancing poses as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.

These movements, along with the conscious use of the breath, removes stiffness and tension from the body. Poses were developed to improve posture, promote health, and increase vitality and energy.

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Can share class coupons with family or friend.  

  • 1 class . . . ....... . $15
  • 4 class coupon . .$45
  • 8 class coupon  . $80
  • coupons are good for 4 months from purchase date

Unlimited Classes . . . . . $85 / month

(4 consecutive weeks, may start anytime of the month)

Private yoga lessons $70/class (1-2 people) at Body Toners, Bastrop

Gift certificates are available.


Ruth Jansa

Ruth Jansa, the owner of Yoga On The Go, started teaching in 2000. She started taking yoga classes after a major injury to her lower spine.

Sapphire Kieft - Yoga Instructor -

Sapphire Kieft 

Sapphire believes that a regular yoga practice keeps her flexible, patient and strong to keep up with her daughter. She plays live guitar music for guided meditation and relaxation.


If you have any questions, or are not sure if Yoga will work for you, please call Ruth.